William Shawn Taylor

Résumé and Curriculum Vitae

Xellenc Incorporated

Information Technology Consulting

Chief Executive Officer


Providing Information Technology Consulting and Project Management for Web and Mobile Applications.  Advocating Web Services, Cloud Computing, Digital Solutions, and IT Best Practices.

Experienced in Social Marketing, Internet Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Content Management. 

Providing IT Solutions to Businesses and Increasing Efficiency in Internal Processes and Task Management.

 - Providing Information Technology Consultation
 - Advocating Web Solutions and Cloud Computing
 - Mobile and Web Application Project Management
 - Designing and Deploying Web and Mobile Apps
 - Experienced in AGILE & SCRUM Methodologies
 - Skilled in Social Marketing and Internet Advertising

MusicReach iOS App

The Music Social Network

Agile Project Manager


Agile Project Manager for Design and Development of the MusicReach iOS Application , Available on the App Store

Created a Social Networking Application for Musicians and Fans of Music. Allowing Users to Share Audio, Video, Photos, Events, Updates, and Location Check-Ins. 

Implemented external social sharing and publishing to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, internal social sharing from Apps like Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud via API Integration.  The MusicReach App also utilizes Facebook Connect for Sign-Up, Sign-In and Profile Importing.

MusicReach features Advanced Recording options such as Over-Dubbing and Audio Enhancement Filters.  It also supports External Microphones and Headphone Monitoring capabilities while recording.

 - Provided Consultation and Development Solutions
 - Reported All Development Activity to Stakeholders
 - Designed Application Processes and Functionalities
 - Developed using AGILE/SCRUM Methodologies
 - Created Mock-Ups in Balsamiq and Photoshop
 - Managed a Distributed Virtual Development Team
 - Utilized JIRA & Confluence Team Collaboration Tools
 - Developed Strategies for Social Marketing Campaigns
 - Implemented Internet Advertising Campaigns
 - Published the MusicReach iOS App on the App Store
 - Evaluated Google Analytics and iTunes Connect Data
 - Reviewed Crash Reports and Managed Bug Fixing
 - Determined Requirements for Future Development


E-Commerce Website

Owner and Operator


Shipped and sold millions of Military Products worldwide for 10+ years. Warehoused and stocked over 9000 SKU's and exceeded more than $600,000.00 in annual sales.

Designed Inventory Management and Logistics Solutions. Managed Warehouse Stock and Order Fulfillment to pick, pack and ship orders in a timely and efficient manner.

Implemented and maintained Internet Advertising campaigns across multiple platforms (including Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads and more).

Implemented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools.  Built and maintained a PCI-Compliant Network and Internal Database Server.

 - Demonstrated Valuable Leadership Skills
 - Managed E-Commerce Solution Platform
 - Built and Maintained Network and Servers
 - Implemented Social Marketing Strategies
 - Managed Online Advertising Campaigns
 - Developed Inventory Management Solutions
 - Optimized Business Efficiency and Workflow
 - Enhanced Customer Relationships (CRM)
 - Delivered Millions of Packages Globally
 - Reviewed Budget and Analytical Data
 - Evaluated and Improved Internal Processes


Developer and Designer


Developed  and Designed Microsoft Windows Themes, Icons and Wallpaper Art for use with Customization Tools and Theme Applications.  Served millions of downloads to users across the globe.

Themes, Icons and Wallpapers were regularly featured on WinCustomize and DeviantArt Online Digital Art Galleries.

 - Over 1,000,000 Files Downloaded Annually
 - Created Hundreds of Digital Art Files
 - Utilized Google Adsense to Create Revenue
 - Featured on Multiple Digital Art Communities
 - Utilized Photoshop and SDKs for Development
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